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due to hormones

This may be due to natural changes or due to hormones that occurs especially in women, where there is a decrease in the level of estrogen hormone.

unbalanced foods

Migraines can also be triggered by consuming certain unbalanced foods such as beer, red wine, chocolate, cheese, cheese, aspartame, monosodium glutamate, and excess caffeine.

Reasons for tension

The problem of migraine is increasing all over the world, our country is not the only one where there is a problem of migraine, the biggest reason for this is considered to be the runaway life where the whole life is full of stress and people also want to get rid of it but slowly- Slowly, when it starts changing in the form of migraine, it is not known and this pain gradually increases with restlessness.

natural environment

Acute pain due to natural environment such as strong sunlight, blinding of eyes due to sunlight, loud noises, perfumes, odors (paints, thinners, smoke) etc.

upon waking up

Due to obstruction in the sleep-wake pattern, such as not being able to sleep properly, sleeping too much, etc.

due to excessive exertion

Physical exhaustion due to excessive exertion or exertion also causes migraine.

due to change in weather

Change in weather means more hot or cold weather also causes the problem of migraine.
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