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Post on a frequent basis - it's a necessity! People appreciate knowing that they can read something new on your website on a frequent basis. Keep the flame burning!

It's always a good idea to provide something to your audience, whether it's an e-book, a webinar, an online course, or a live session. They'll repay you with love, shares, and participation. It also allows you to develop your own unique brand as an expert, which is invaluable!

Create a database of e-mail addresses so that you can keep in touch with your audience. Giving customers something in exchange for subscribing, such as an e-book, is a smart idea.

Find places where your target audience is active on social media and create a fan page or a insta profile. Account on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. However, rather than wasting time attempting to attract your audience to you, select intelligently and meet them where they are already.

Use social media to spread the word about your articles. Make use of your personal profile and fan page. Share your content to the blogger or themed Facebook groups (be sure the group's guidelines enable you to submit links to your own blog).

Include social sharing buttons on your website and in your content; it makes sharing a lot easier, and people enjoy using them. It's simple to use one of the available plugins.

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Do these things to get more traffic on your blog.

1: Post long and quality content (at least 1500 words)
2: create good backlink
3: use related images in your blog post
4: Share post on maximum social media
5: reply your blog post comment
6: post at least one post Daily
7: do on page and off page SEO
8: find low competition keywords
9: add your website to all search engine
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