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Whenever you make a request to visit a website on the Internet, it reaches the server of that website through your ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider (like Airtel, Idea, Jio etc.).

During this, your ISP keeps a record of all your information such as IP address, location, etc. And you open any page on the Internet, the information of all those ISPs keeps on getting that means your ISP tracks you.

Not only ISP, also websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube track you and monitor your online activities and behavior so that you can show you ads according to your interest.

IP-address is used to track someone on the Internet, the IP address of your device gives information about your location.

In such a situation, if your IP address is hidden then it will be very difficult to track you and this is what VPN does. VPN software gives you a new IP address and through that you access the Internet and your original IP is hidden.
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