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Step 1: First of all login to your WordPress dashboard and install Google Authenticator Plugin.

Step 2: Now click on Users >> Your Profile in the sidebar of WP. Now by scrolling down the profile page, you will get Google Authenticator Settings. Let us know about these settings.

Active – Checking this checkbox will activate the google authenticator plugin and you will have to enter the username and password as well as the google authenticator code while login.

Relaxed Mode – As I told you, the password changes every 30 seconds in the google authenticator app installed in your mobile, if you check this checkbox then that password will change in 4 minutes.

Description - Here you enter any name like the name of your blog but without space and you will see the login code in google authenticator app with this name.

Secret – Here you have 2 options, first Create new secret and second Show / Hide QR code and on clicking on its button, you will see the QR code. We will use the second option (QR code) only in step 3.

Enable App Password – Do not enable it.

Step 3: Now all you have to do is to install google authenticator app in your mobile and tap on Scan a barcode option and scan QR barcode inside Google Authenticator Settings in WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Now you scroll down the page and click on Update profile button and now when you login again with WordPress, you will also get the field of google authenticator code which you have to enter after opening the app in your mobile.
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