July 07th, 2024

How to check whether website is indexed in search engine or not?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
If you want to check how many pages of your website are indexed in Google. Just type and hit “site: yourdomain.com” in Google search. This will show the index URL of your site.

Apart from this, you can also check in Google Search Console. Go to Coverage >> Valid tab.

It shows you the number of pages on your site that Google has indexed.

If your website doesn't appear anywhere in search results, there are a few possible reasons:

• Your site is brand new and hasn't been crawled yet.

• Your site contains a crawler instruction code that is blocking search engines.

• Your site has been penalized by Google.

• Your site is not linked to an external website.

• Your site structure is making it difficult for robots to crawl.
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