July 07th, 2024

How to choose top level domain for blog

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1. Website and Top Domain Extensions

If the quality and content of a website or blog is very good. So no matter what the domain name is. People love that site. Any internet user is aware of your domain from search engines, ads or social networking etc. And if the domain is short and memorable. So he remembers her too. Therefore it is not necessary that your domain will not be successful if the name is not correct. That's why "Content is the King" has been said.

2. Be easy to type

Choose a top level domain that is very easy to type. Like, google, yahoo, amazon, snapdeal etc. All of these are very easy to remember and type. Words like "u" should not be used in place of "you". Because such domains confuse people.

Mistakes can happen while writing the website. Instead of writing "u" you can write "you". Also if using words with more than one accent, such as "express" and "xpress". So even writing such names can be a mistake. Instead of “express” can be written “express”.

3. Keep the name as short as possible

If your Top Level Domain will be bigger and more complicated. So customers can make mistake while typing its spelling. So make the domain as short and intuitive as possible. The domain of any popular website is maximum 6 to 10 characters. Like Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, Bing, Flipkart etc.

But it is very difficult to find small names right now. Because the short names have already been bought. So you try about a unique name. And keep it between 12 characters at most, all the better.

4. Do not use numbers and dashes

Numbers (12345) and dashes (-) should not be used. Because numbers and dashes are not easy to remember. Along with this, it also confuses people. For example, look at Facebook, "face-book". There should have been a dash in the middle. But Facebook hasn't done so.

Look for the name of any Top Level Domain. There is no use of numbers or dashes. If any number is used at the beginning, middle or end of a name, then it is not correct. Mistakes can happen both in remembering and typing it.
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