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To create an account on it, you can start it by clicking on the link of Flipkart Affiliate If you are already registered in it, then you can login directly. And if you are new to this, then you have to click on 'Join Now for Free'.

Then to register you have to enter some necessary information like email address, password etc. And some term and condition options will be given, you will also have to fill it. After that you click on the register button.

You can check your email account to verify whether you are successfully registered or not. where you will get mail. When it is verified, you can now login to it.

After login in it, you click on account details, here you have to give some information for your account, like name, mobile number, address, email address, city, pin code etc. Then you click on the 'Save Changes' button.

Similarly, by clicking on the website detail, here you will have to enter some information related to your website like URL of your website, website type and monthly visits etc.

After this you click on the payment details, where you will have to tell how you will get the money. Here you have to give your country and city name, affiliate type i.e. whether you are alone or working with a company, payee name, payment mode and your PAN number etc.

Then you click on Account Settings. From here you can change your password, or if you want to delete the account, you can do that too.

In this way, by creating an affiliate account on Flipkart, you can give your website and other information in it.
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