Swati Joshi

Jul 06, 2021

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If you are hiring someone:
* it is good to see if they have a personal blog themselves. Irrespective of their niche, they would know the basic terminologies of a blog.
* if they have prior experience of working with someone else, try to understand who were the clients, what kind of work they exactly did on that job. Whether it was just generating leads, approaching potential bloggers or they actually did field work to find what post on their site they wanted backkink for.

The person shpuld be aware of the basic on-site SEO, below things and knows how to do it:
These are some of the factors you need to keep in mind while getting backlinks.
1. The DA of the site from which u get backlink
2. Low spam score of the linking site
3. The pivot word / keyword of the link
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Thank you. Can you recommend any agency or person who can help? Please DM me at hello@swatisjournal.com
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There are several methods for obtaining high-quality backlinks. I've included some suggestions below -

-Write intriguing content to lay the groundwork. Don't forget to include keywords in your content because they are the only way for people to find them.

-Participate in online forums and communities. This will not only help you with SEO backlinks, but will also increase your internet visibility.

-Linking from relevant blogs in your sector is one of the finest high-quality backlink tactics you can use for your off-site SEO.

-By leaving comments on other blogs, you may build do-follow backlinks to certain blog entries.

-Guest Postings, press releases, and articles are some of the best ways to generating good quality backlinks.
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Status is online
Hi Swati,

First and foremost thing is that links should be related to your niche. If you run a health blog then getting a link from health article/health blog is more beneficial and looks more natural instead taking from some tech/gaming channel

Make sure the spam score of the website is low. A higher spam score gonna impact your ranking in long term.

Try to get Backlinks from a good authority. Now a days, getting fake DA is not a big deal. So always look for traffic/PA/DR of website to make sure the site is worth every penny

And lastly don't compromise on content. Provide a good content and try to get 2-3 backlinks a month instead of 100 low quality websites with same content posted.

Hope it helps...
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