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1. First of all, open your Firefox browser and click on Bookmarks button.

2. Then click on Show All Bookmarks or press CTRL+SHIFT+B keyboard shortcut.

3. In the next page, click on Import and Backup, then select Export Bookmarks to HTML from the list.

4. A dialog box will open in front of you. Just click on Save button.

5. Now close Firefox browser and open Google Chrome browser. Click on the three dots icon in Google Chrome.

6. Then click on Bookmarks and select Import Bookmarks and Settings from the list.

7. Now a dialog box will open, here select Bookmarks HTML File from the drop-down menu. Then click Choose file to select your Firefox bookmark HTML file that you downloaded in the previous step.

9. In the next step, you will see a successful message. Just click on Done button.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported Firefox bookmarks to the Google Chrome browser.
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