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To create a privacy policy page, first open the browser, then go to the dashboard of blogger, click on Pages, now click on New Page. Now create a privacy policy page here.

1. First of all on the page, you have to welcome your visitors to the blog and you have to tell that you are going to tell the privacy policy of your blog in this page.

2. In the second paragraph, you have to tell that any visitor whether he is new or is already a subscriber to your blog, everyone should know about the privacy policy of your blog and the users of the blog should follow the privacy of your blog. Will have to do

3. Now you have to tell about Children's Policy, in this you have to tell how many age people can see and use your blog or website. You can specify here whether children can use your website, and if they can, what age children can use the blog.

4. Now you can give some information about AdSense ads to your visitors that no one will deliberately click on any of the ads shown in your site again and again, if they still do this, then you can send them to your blog. You can also block from . Apart from this, you can give any information you want to give.

5. Now here you have to tell about the Terms and Conditions, although there is a separate page for Terms and Conditions, but if you want, you can tell about the Terms and Conditions of your blog in the Privacy Policy page itself. You will not have any problem in getting approval because I have also told about the terms and conditions in the privacy policy page itself.

6. At the end of the page, you have to tell you in All Right Reserved that your visitors will use your blog properly and if there is any harm to anyone using your website then they will be responsible for that.

7. Lastly, you would like to thank your visitors for reading the Privacy Policy page.

There are many such websites to create a privacy policy page from where you can generate a privacy policy page for free and copy and paste it into your post and publish it.
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