July 07th, 2024

How to Start Event Blogging?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
To start Event Blogging, you have to prepare before the event, you cannot start work only 10-15 days before, you can create any event blog in which you are targeting any event, at least 30-40 of it. Work should be started the day before. So let's know Event Blogging Step by Step

Step:1 Choose An Upcoming Event

When you have thought of doing event blogging, now the first thing that comes before you is to choose the upcoming event, then for this you choose the most popular event on the Internet so that you can get more traffic and earn more money.

Step:2 Popular Topics

Holiday – Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, Yoga Day, Valentine's Day

Festival – Happy New Year, Happy Holi, Happy Diwali, Happy Christmas

Sports Event – ​​IPL, ICC World Cup, Asia Cup, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Etc.

New Launched – Reliance Jio Upcoming, Iphone Launch, One Plus Launch, Etc.

Other Event - People of many religions are found in India and some festivals keep coming and there are holidays too, you can also make them Topic on which you feel that traffic can come.

All the topics given above are best for event blogging, you just have to choose the topic according to your interest.

Step:3 Keyword Research

Doing Keyword Research is a very important task of Event Blogging, without it it is very difficult to be successful for Event Blog, if you have budget to do Keyword Research, then use Paid Tools like Semrush and Ahrefl because in these tools you will get many features. In which you can do your work easily.
If you do not have a budget and you want to do Keyword Research for free, then for this we have given you three tools, with the help of which you can create an Event Blog.

• Google Trends
• Keyword Planner
• Ubersuggest

Step:4 Buy A Domain

If you want to get your event ranked properly, then you have to buy a domain for it, remember some things while buying a domain like:

• The name of the event should be in the domain.
• If the event is for a specific country, then buy the domain of that country only.
• If you want to create Micro Niche Site then buy Domain with Keyword.
• If you want to get ranked on the event for the long term, then do not use the year in the domain.

Step:5 Setup Event Blog

Now you have to start a blog and setup it properly, for this you can choose any of the Most Popular Blogging Platform WordPress and Blogspot, both are the best.

Step:6 Quality Content

Now you have to write High Quality Content related to the event in it, target your Main Keyword and write Long and Unique Content, you have to do this work 30-40 days in advance, you have to write at least 1000-1500 words in every post and you are also SEO. can do.

Step:7 Quality Backlinks

Link building is necessary to rank your blog on the first number on Google, for this you can generate Backlinks by visiting Related Websites and Blogs, Comments and Guest Post, Backlinks Do-follow, it is better to have the same Keyword. Do not do backlinks again and use different keywords.

Step:8 Promote Blogs

Now you have to generate maximum traffic to promote your content, for this you can use any method, it is best that you increase maximum traffic by using social media because there is only some time left in your event. .
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