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1. Update New Information

If your blog post is out of date, then you need to add new information.

Search related articles (recently published/updated) on the web and analyze how their content is better than your old content. Then make changes to freshen up your old blog posts.

2. Rewrite Your Title

Title plays an important role in increasing the CTR on your content as many people read the title before reading the content. So after updating your content, make sure that your title is attractive. If your title is not able to attract the visitors, then you need to pay attention to your title.

3. Improve Spelling and Readability

In the initial days of blogging, there can be spelling and readability errors. Fix them when updating your old blog posts.

4. Keep Paragraphs Short

Long and large paragraphs are not liked by readers at all and are also difficult to scan. Readers like to read short and clean paragraphs. Always try to keep your paragraphs short. It improves the readability of your content. Also, bold and italicize your important lines. This makes your content more scannable.

5. Add New Images to Your Post

An image speaks a thousand words and keeps visitors on your website for a long time. If you update your large content (4,000 words), use images in it so that visitors don't get bored.

Make sure your image is of high quality and your content looks good with the layout. Also, don't forget to compress and resize your images before uploading them.

6. Republish

After updating your old blog posts, you can republish the blog post by changing the publish date in the WordPress post editor. By doing this you can make your post appear on the homepage again. Alternatively, you can make your blog posts sticky.
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