July 11th, 2024

What is Facebook Instant Article?

Facebook Instant Article is only a web document, which is written in Standardize Markup Language (eg, XML). It opens faster than a simple webpage. The publisher can customize it according to his web article. That is, the formatting that is in the web version of that article, the formatting can be done in the instant article as well. For this, a separate style is created in Facebook.

Any webpage can be converted into an Instant Article. It does not have to be written separately. Which Content (Post, Article) is in a webpage. At the same time, all the content is also in an Instant Article.

Features of Facebook Instant Article:

1. Loads fast – Fast Loading

As we mentioned above that Instant Article loads about 10 times faster than an ordinary webpage. Where a normal webpage takes about 7 seconds to load. Whereas Instant Article opens in about 1 second in Mobile Phone. Hence it is the choice of both the publisher and the reader.

2. More Connectivity – More Interactive

Instant Article opens faster. That's why the reader likes it. And it adds up to more. And along with reading it, he also likes to share it with his friends. According to Facebook, Instant Article is shared 30% more than ordinary posts.

3. Neat and Readable – Clean and Readable

Apart from the content in a webpage, other features of the website/blog are also loaded. Like, Contact Form, Related Posts, Advertisements etc. Due to which the user has some trouble in reading the original content. But, an Instant Article does not contain anything other than just the original content. That's why Instant Article is more clean and readable in appearance. What more could a reader want than this? Perhaps that is why 20% more Instant Articles are read than Facebook Post.

4. Only for Mobile Phones

Instant Article can only be read on Facebook's Mobile App. Because Instant Article is made for mobile phones only. This feature is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Formatting

Formatting of Instant Article can be done separately. Therefore a publisher can style Instant Article according to their website / blog post (Similarly). Which Font, Font Size, Color are used in a webpage. The same style can be created for Instant Article only. With this the publisher maintains the identity of his brand. And the reader also feels connected to his favorite brand.

6. Advertisements

The goal of a light is to earn money apart from giving knowledge/information. After all, this is what he is working hard for. That's why the way publishers show ads in the middle of a webpage. Similarly, ads can also be shown in Instant Articles. For this you can use Facebook Ads or other Third Party Ads. And you can convert your hard work into money.

The ads shown in Instant Articles will cost 100% of the money for one light only. If he has shown Ads from Facebook, then he will have to give about 30% percent of the revenue to Facebook.

7. Analytics:

The way a webpage is tracked. In the same way, Instant Article can also be tracked. For this, like Facebook Post, each Instant Article provides Insights. Apart from this, you can also use any other Third Party Tools like Google Analytics to track Instant Articles.

Minimum Requirements to get stared with:

1. A Website or Blog:

The most important thing that is needed for Instant Article is a website or blog. To publish Instant Article, you must have a website or blog. Because from this your Instant Article will get the content. Only one webpage / post is transferred to Instant Article.

2. Facebook Page:

The content of the website/blog you want to convert into Instant Article. He should also have a Facebook page. Whatever you will have. Yes, one thing must be kept in mind, the page you want to connect to the website / blog. You should have an Admin Role in this page. So if you do not have an Admin Role, then first set up your Admin Role. Only after this you will be able to connect this page.

3. Facebook Pages Manager App:

As you know, Instant Article is made for mobile phones. That's why you must have Facebook's Pages Manager App. Through this you can manage all Facebook pages. The webpage you have submitted for Instant Article. You can see them through this. In this, you can already see the same form as it will appear after Instant Articles is published. That is, you will be able to see its preview even before publishing Instant Article. That's why you should have this app.

4. Some Sample Articles:

If you have just started blogging, and your blog is new. So you should have about 5 posts. Facebook reviews your content before approving the publishing of your Instant Articles. For which he gets you to submit at least 5 articles for review. You get the approval of Instant Article only after reviewing these sample articles.

5. Some Technical Knowledge:

Last but important. You also need to have some simple technical knowledge. Well, don't write about it. But, nowadays blogging has become so easy that you can blogging even without the knowledge of technology. So those who are new. Some things can be a headache for them.

Because in the process of setting up Instant Article, you have to do some such things, which you have not done yet. That's why this paragraph has to be written. You should have some knowledge about HTML, RSS Feed, Installing Plugin etc.

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Manish Singh Bisht
1 year ago Selected
Facebook Instant Articles is a feature provided by Facebook that allows publishers to create fast-loading, interactive articles that are optimized for mobile devices. These articles are hosted on Facebook's servers, rather than the publisher's website, and they load quickly within the Facebook mobile app.

Instant Articles feature a range of interactive elements such as photos, videos, audio, maps, and interactive graphics, which can be embedded within the article, providing a more engaging and interactive reading experience for users. They also support a range of monetization options such as ads and sponsored content, allowing publishers to monetize their content.

To use Instant Articles, publishers need to create an Instant Article version of their content, and use the Instant Articles tools provided by Facebook to format and publish the articles. Once the article is published, it can be shared and promoted on Facebook, and it will be available for users to read within the Facebook mobile app.

It's important to note that Instant Articles is only available to a limited set of publishers, and it's not open to all users. Also, it's important to consider the fact that by using Instant Articles, publishers are giving up some control over the distribution and monetization of their content.
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