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Facebook Instant Article is only a web document, which is written in Standardize Markup Language (eg, XML). It opens faster than a simple webpage. The publisher can customize it according to his web article. That is, the formatting that is in the web version of that article, the formatting can be done in the instant article as well. For this, a separate style is created in Facebook.

Any webpage can be converted into an Instant Article. It does not have to be written separately. Which Content (Post, Article) is in a webpage. At the same time, all the content is also in an Instant Article.

The biggest feature of Instant Article is its loading speed, which makes it different from an ordinary webpage. Apart from this, it has many features.

Instant Article can only be read on Facebook's Mobile App. Because Instant Article is made for mobile phones only. This feature is available for both Android and iOS.

Formatting of Instant Article can be done separately. Therefore a publisher can style Instant Article according to their website/blog post (Similarly). Which Font, Font Size, Color are used in a webpage. The same style can be created for Instant Article only. With this the publisher maintains the identity of his brand. And the reader also feels connected to his favorite brand.

The goal of a light is to earn money apart from giving knowledge/information. After all, this is what he is working hard for. That's why the way publishers show ads in the middle of a webpage. Similarly, ads can also be shown in Instant Articles. For this you can use Facebook Ads or other Trird Party Ads. And you can convert your hard work into money. The ads shown in Instant Articles will cost 100% of the money for one light only. If he has shown Ads from Facebook, then he will have to give about 30% percent of the revenue to Facebook.
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Facebook Instant Articles
> is a feature from social networking company Facebook for use with collaborating news
> content publishers, that the publisher can choose to use for articles they select.
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