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Meesho's business model is easy to understand. For this, Meesho's business model can be divided into four parts.


People who sell their products on Meesho. They are called sellers or Meesho Suppliers. These people sell the product in large stock on Meesho and fix the original price of the product.


Meesho gives its users / sellers a platform to sell or buy products and earn money.

In which the first supplier sold the product at its original price. Then a reseller gets the bill prepared through his Meesho account by adding his margin with the price of that product and delivers it to the buyer through Meesho. Later the same margin becomes profit for that reseller.


This is the second part of their business model. In which a user buys a product from Meesho. A Reseller is only a Meesho user. Which sells Meesho's product on social media on its own margin.


These are the customers who buy Meesho's product through a reseller or app user. These people buy the product at the price decided by the reseller. This includes the original price of the product, reseller's margin and delivery charges.
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