July 07th, 2024

What is the disadvantage of computer

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Waste of Time – Some people are abusing computers, they spend all day on social media, playing computer games, watching online videos and movies and wasting their time.

Weakness in eyes – Excessive use of computer leads to dry eyes, which is harmful to our eyes and is the real reason for weakening of our eyes. Also, using a computer by putting more pressure on the eyes also reduces eyesight.

Back and Headache – Waist pain and headache is a common problem due to using the computer for a long time. So you must take a break.

Insomnia and Depression - Scientific research has shown that complaints of insomnia have been found more in those who run the computer for more than 5 hours. Also, spending more time on the computer can lead to serious health problems like depression.

Privacy Threat – We keep all our files or any sensitive data in the computer and use the internet to share them, but in this technology era, we often forget that no technology is 100% secure. Is. Meanwhile, if our data falls into the wrong hands, it can be very dangerous for our privacy.
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