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Broadcast: In this, you can make a broadcast of 600 contacts, whereas in the original WhatsApp, you could make a broadcast of only 250.

Images Limit: In this you can send 90 images simultaneously. In the original WhatsApp, only 10 images were sent.

Hide Last Seen And Call Disable: Call Disable can also be done for a particular contact and you can also hide Last Seen for a specific contact.

Different Color Theme: You can also download color theme for this app and apply different color theme, whereas only Black & White theme is available in original WhatsApp.

Hide Blue Tick: In this you can also hide blue tick.

Videos Limit: You can send 30MB of video in this, whereas only 16MB could be done in the original WhatsApp.

Pin Lock: You can also set Pin Lock on personal chat, so that no one can read it.

Set Auto Reply: Auto reply can also be set. That is, when you are busy, you can use the Auto Reply option.

Different Message Notification Icon: You can use 16 new icons for Message Notification.

Contact Limit: In this you can keep 600 contacts, whereas in WhatsApp you could keep only 250 contacts.

Edit Image Before Sharing: You can also edit the photo before sharing.
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