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Easy Access- With Google Drive, you can access your data from anywhere and not only can you access your data, but you can also share files or folders with others.

Free Space- No matter how much the storage of the mobile is, after a while it also seems less to us. With the help of Google Drive, we can store all the extra data we have in the drive.

You can save your phone's storage for other important photos, videos, documents, files and folders, this will increase the free space of your phone as well as improve its performance.

15GB Free Storage- In this, you get to store up to 15GB of free data, which is enough for any average phone user. If you want to store more data than that, then you will have to take more storage for that and Google will charge for that.

Inbuilt Apps- In Google Drive, you can create any kind of Docs, create Spreadsheets, apart from this you can also create great presentations with the help of Slides and Google Forms in it.

Google Forms- This is also an application of Drive, you can use Google Forms for any kind of survey. You can also use it to collect information from others, in many offices it is also used to keep information about employees.

Powerful Search- As we all know that Google's search engine is very powerful, in the same way Google Drive is also a powerful service of Google. Google Drive also recognizes objects inside photos and scanned documents, so henna is amazing.

Other Features- Google Drive not only stores your files and folders but it also organizes them properly. Even if your phone is lost, your data will always be safe in your drive if you use Drive.
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