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1. Do not use hot water on the hair: Washing the hair with hot water makes the hair dry and lifeless and hot water also removes the moisture of the hair, so hot water should not be used. Instead, use lukewarm water instead.

2. Use of lentil-sugar: Mix honey in lentil-sugar and use it on the hair. Do this work twice a week, believe me, your hair fall will be negligible in 20-25 days.

3. Exercising: Exercising is considered very good for our body. By exercising daily, the blood circulation increases and oxygen reaches our head well, due to which hair fall is greatly reduced.

4. Onion juice: Extract the juice of onion and apply it on the roots of the head for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Use it twice a week, which will reduce your hair fall.

5. Massage the hair: Once a week, warm coconut oil or mustard oil lightly and massage the hair with light hands and wash the hair after 1-2 hours, this will strengthen your hair and reduce the fall.
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