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A good and correct algorithm is used to solve mathematical problems. For example, if a number is greater than 0 then it is +Ve and if it is less than 0 then it is -Ve.

Facebook Like, Search Engine, Google Map also do all the work according to the algorithm.

Computer Scientist and Software Engineer also use it because it saves them time in working and the work gets completed in less effort.

A correct algorithm is used before making a flowchart so that there are no mistakes.

It is also mainly used in many fields such as Space Research, Robotics, AI.

Algorithm is used in computer programming before writing a program.

If you are a student of Computer SC, IT, BCA, or MCA and you have to write a program. Like- Check The Number Is Not A Prime If you start writing such a program without thinking, then many mistakes can be found in this program for you to see.

Algorithm is needed to write Pseudo Code, otherwise Pseudo Code may have to be rewritten.
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Algorithms are researched and ordered set of steps need to be done to able to achieve something. Algorithms are basically used with programming but can be for any normal application. Simple thing is multiplication or addition of a set of numbers as algorithm tells how and what to add, increase or decrease the value.
More complex algorithm can be like to find an odd number between 1 to 10
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