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24/7 availability

Machines do not require frequent rest or refreshment like humans. Hence they can be programmed to work for a long time and it is able to work continuously without any fatigue. An example of this is an ATM machine.

day to day application

Smartphones also play a very important role in our daily needs and without it our work also does not work. If you are using a smartphone, then it means that you are using Artificial Intelligence. And you also have to know that you are using Artificial Intelligence. Apart from this, we also love taking help from GPS for long drives and trekking. Artificial intelligence is most commonly used in financial institutions and banking sectors to organize and manage data. Apart from this, AI is also used in fraud detection and smart card based transaction systems.

digital assistance

Many advanced organizations have implemented machines to interact with their customers using this technology. Which is a digital assistant and it helps in reducing the need of human resources. Robots cannot detect user's emotions. It is actually programmed to think logically only and make decisions based on the experience taught to that machine.
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