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Here comes the question, does Google ignore Stop Words? So here the answer is yes. Because Google ignores Stop Words in both Search Queries and Search Results. Let me explain it to you in a simple way.

For example, when you go to Search Engine and search any Topic or Keyword like – On Page SEO in Hindi or you can also search by removing in. Like – On Page SEO Hindi, whatever you search, the meaning of both of these is the same.

Search Engine ignores these Stop Words. Because when Google's bots crawl the article, they ignore this type of stop words. But here you do not think that if the search engines ignore these stop words, then why should we waste our time by writing these stop words in the article.

If a person thinks and does this, then the ranking of his website will be down after some time. Because it will have a bad effect on the visitors coming to his website.
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Very important explanation because many newbies never know about ''stop words''.
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