July 07th, 2024

How many types of anchor text?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1: Exact Match Anchor Text

This is the most commonly used anchor text. These are very important in improving the ranking of the website and are used the most to increase the ranking. If your target keyword is “GIFT shops” and you are using only “GIFT shops” in the anchor text, then this is your exact match anchor text. Using the target keyword exactly as it is is called exact match anchor text.

2: Generic Anchor Texts

In these categories, the generic word is used for anchor text. The word generic means any simple or common word. In most cases generic anchor text does not make any profit for your website. Generic anchor text does not provide any context about the linked page. This also does not benefit your rank.

Words like Click here, read more, Go to this site etc. are used in abundance in Generic Anchor texts. If you want to increase the rank of your website then generic anchor text will not help you.

3: Branded Anchor Text

If the name of any text is a brand, then it comes under the category of Branded anchor. In branded anchor texts, the brand is used directly. “Like whenever we post a link to amazon on our website and keep the title of that link as “amazon”, it becomes a branded anchor text. This does not increase the ranking of the website much. If you are doing link building of your website, then use less branded anchors.

4: Naked Link Anchors

This is a very simple category of anchors. Whenever we write the name of a website or other webpage directly in the link in a post, it is called Naked link anchors!

Like we gave a link to amazon in our post but also changed its title to amazon.com and using it in the post of our website in the name of amazon.com, then amazon.com is naked link anchor in it.

5: Image Anchors

You must have seen on many websites that many times when you click on an image, your browser takes you to another website. Many blogs use image anchors in their posts to refer the image. By applying Image Anchor, whenever you click on that image, you will reach the website from where the image has been taken.

Whenever an image is anchored or linked on a web site, the search engine finds its content from the alt attribute of that image. The search engine cannot find out the keyword from the image, on which keyword to rank the website, so the search engine gathers information about the image from the alt attribute done with the image.

If the Alt tag of the image is left blank, then the search engine is unable to help rank that image as being without anchor. There is no use of putting such an image.

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