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Follow this steps to Claim your blog/blogspot on Alexa

1- First Go to Alexa claim page:

2- Then fill your Blog/site address and then click on Claim Your Site button.

3- Now, on the next page, please signup for Intro Pack, it is free.

4- Copy verification meta code and paste this code in your blog template just below and Save template

5- after that Click on ‘Verify my ID’ button and wait for verification

6- After successful verification, you will see this message ‘Your site has been successfully claimed’ and then click on ‘Continue’ button

7- On the next page, you should fill your site and personal information, if you want you can skip this. If you are filling information, then click on ‘Save & Continue’ button

8- Finally, you’ll receive a congratulation message.You can now move to the Dashboard.

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