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After doing Youtube Monetization, to transfer money to the bank, Youtube Account will have to be linked with Google Adsense, only after which money will come in your bank account.

Step 1: Login Youtube Account

Log in to your Youtube Account.

Step 2: Click Channel

Now click on Channel option.

Step 3: Click View Monetization Setting

In this, you have to click on View Monetization Setting in the option of Monetization.

Step 4: Guidelines And Information

Inside this you will see some options in which you have to click on How Will I Paid. After that click on Associate An Adsense Account.

Step 5: Welcome To Adsense

You have to log in with your Gmail Id. If you have a Google Adsense Account then only you can click on Sign In and if you do not have it then you can create a new Google Adsense Account by clicking on Create Account.

After this your form will be reviewed by Google. If your channel is qualified, then you will get an email from Google for Google Adsense Account Approved. Just now you can transfer money to your bank account through Google Adsense.
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