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1 – Interlinking

Interlinking is most important to manage bounce rate. Always link the related post in the article.

2 – Make the website good looking

The look of the website is also a very important factor to attract the attention of the visitor, the website whose look is simple and good, the visitor will like to stay in that website and they will keep roaming on the site itself. Any simple to make a good look of the website. You can use the theme. Also pay attention to the formatting and font of your content. The font of the content should neither be too much nor too little. 16 and 18 Font Size are the best.

3 – Make Content Better and User Friendly

The most important is the content of the website. Unless there is good content on the website, no visitor will like to come to it. Content should always be user friendly so that the visitor enjoys reading and can learn something new.

4 - Keep the page speed right

You have written the content well but what if the loading time of your site is more. You know very well that in today's time, 5 seconds is also a lot of time on the internet. In such a situation, if your website takes 6 – 7 seconds to load, then you will lose a lot of your visitors.

To increase the speed, it is also very important to make the website mobile friendly, because now most people read blogs from mobile itself. The good speed of the website also proves to be very helpful in reducing the bounce rate.
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