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1. To partition the hard disk, you have to right click on the icon of My Computer on the desk top, then click on Manage, after that you have to click on Disk Management.

2. Now you have to right click on the drive you want to partition, after that you will get the option of shrink volume, click on it, now you will be asked how many GB part you want to separate, 1024mb = equal to 1GB, you can set partition as per your wish by multiplying by 1024, if you want to partition 10GB, then you have to enter 1024 x 10 = 10240.

3. Now you have to put 10240 in the amount and click on the shrink button given below.

4. On clicking, the process will start, this process will take 1-2 minutes, now you will see an unallocated volume at the bottom, you have to click on it and then click on new simple volume.

5. Now the Next button will come in front of you, you have to click on it, now you have to click on the number of times next comes in front of you, in the last you have to click on Finish, after clicking on it, that drive will start getting formatted. After the format the drive will be partitioned. In this way you can partition hard disk.
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