July 07th, 2024

How to do internal linking for SEO?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1. Use Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

Use Anchor Text if you want to get the most out of internal links. Even, Google recommends using keywords in Anchor Text. This helps the user navigate and understand Google what the page you are linking to is about.

2. Link to Important Pages

When you link to another page on your site, it passes the link juice to that page and helps that page rank in Google. That's why always linking to your important pages as much as you can.

3. Do Internal Linking at the beginning of your content

When you add an internal link at the beginning of your content, it helps to reduce the bounce rate and improve the Dwell time. By adding 1-2 internal links at the beginning of your page, the visitor will be able to click immediately. may allow.

4. Use Dofollow Links

If you want to give SEO value to other pages of your site through internal links, then you have to use Dofollow Links.
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