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1: Sponsored Post

This is such a method using which you can earn money from WordPress.Com's blog, for this your blog should be such that if your blog is good for Advertiser, then Advertiser will pay you money for writing Sponsored Story.

To do a Sponsored Post, you have to find such an Advertiser who will pay you to write a blog, for this you have to create an Advertisement Page and include that you accept Sponsored Post, if there is more traffic on your post then you are Sponsored. Earn good money from post

2: Affiliate Marketing

You can do Affiliate Marketing on WordPress.Com's Blog, you can use Legal Affiliate Links on WordPress.Com's Blog, you can't use Gambling, MLA, Get Rich and Multilevel Marketing.

If an Illegal Blog is posted by you then it will be blocked, you can earn good money only by using Legal Blog.

3: WordAds

You can earn money by placing Wordads on WordPress.Com To earn money from WordAds, first you have to create an account on Wordads and after your account is approved, you can place your ads on WordAds blog. Once traffic increases on WordAds After that you can earn good money.

4: Sell Product

If you have a good knowledge of the Internet, then it will be obvious that there will be good traffic on your site, if you want, if you want, you can earn a good income by selling Local Products on your blog, according to your visitor, you can make a good income of your product. You can keep the price higher or lower.

5: Adsense Advertising

Adsense is the best way for a Hindi blogger, you can earn more money from Adsense than Affiliate Marketing. Ads of Automatic Text, Image and Video are visible on Adsense Blogger's website or blog.

To apply Adsense on any blog, first of all, your blog account should be approved, so you can earn as much money as any visitor who visits and clicks on your site.
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