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1: If you want to increase your Facebook followers, then first of all you have to go to a website whose link is After reaching the website, you will see the option of New, you will see that Click above.

2: By doing this a new tab will open on your screen, in which you have to enter the username / email id and password of your Facebook account and then login.

3: After login, you will see the option of Get Token, you have to click on that option.

4: After this you will see the token box at the bottom of the screen, in which there will be many tokens. You have to copy all those tokens by clicking on the option with All Tokens.

5: Then you have to go to the home page of this website and you have to paste all the tokens in the empty box visible there and after pasting you have to login.

6: After login, you will see an option with Auto Followers. You have to click on it.

7: After this you have to enter captcha and username and then click on the option Send Followers Now.

8: By doing just this, the follower will be sent and after that at least 50 to 80 followers will be increased on your Facebook profile at a time.
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