July 07th, 2024

How to join Amazon affiliate marketing?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Step 1. Go To Website

First of all, go to the website of https://Affiliate-program.Amazon.In/, click on the option of Join For Free here.

Step 2. Enter Your Details

Here you will be asked for some details, fill it.

Email or Mobile Phone Number – Enter your Email or Mobile Number here.

Password – Enter Password in it.

Create Your Amazon Account – After filling your details, click on this option.

Step 3. Fill The Form

Now a form will appear in front of you. Fill all the information asked in it correctly.

Payee Name – In this you have to fill your name which is in your bank account.

Address Line – In this option you have to write your full address.

City - Now write the name of your city.

State, Province or Region – Write the name of the state here.

Postal Code – Now fill your Postal Code.

Phone Number – Fill the phone number and click on Next.

After clicking on Next, you will be asked for your website. In this you have to tell the name of your website. If you do not have any kind of website, then you can also write the name of your Facebook page here.

If you do not have a Facebook page, then here you can give a link to the Youtube Channel and if it is not there, then you can create a free website and put its link here and click on Next.

After this a form will come in front of you again. In which you have to give information about your website but before that you have to fill your Associates Id. After this you can fill the information of your website.

• How Do You Drive Traffic To Your Website

In this you have to tell how visits come to your website. In this, you can select the option which you feel is right like- Blog, Seo, Social Networks or Other.

• How Do You Utilize Your Websites And Apps To Generate Income?

Tell here how you were earning income before the website, select that.

• How Do You Usually Build Links?

Tell about how to add a link to the website.

• How Many Total Unique Visitors Do Your Websites And Apps Get Per Month?

Tell how many visitors come to your website every month.

• What Is Your Primary Reason For Joining The Amazon Associates Program?

Now write here the reason why you have joined the Amazon Associates Program.

• How Did You Hear About Us?

In this, you have to tell how you got the information about Amazon Affiliate, so here you fill it.

Just now you have to accept the Terms and Conditions by entering Captcha and complete this process by clicking on Finish. After clicking on Finish, your Affiliate Account will be created. Now you are ready to sell the products of Amazon website.
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