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1. Go to mobile contacts

To make a backup of all the contacts of your phone, first go to your mobile contacts and click on More option, then click on Settings.

2. Click on Import Export Contact

As soon as you click on the settings, you will get an option import / export contacts, click on it, then click on export. As soon as you click on the export option, you have to select your device, where you want to make the back-up, for this you can select the memory card or internal storage as per your wish.

3. As soon as you click on export, your contacts number ie phone number will be backed up, after that you can go to the file manager of the mobile and check it in the SD card ie memory card, on the bottom side you will find a file named Contacts.vcf will get In which the backup of your contacts numbers will be available.

4. If you want to put these numbers in any other phone, then you have to go to Settings and click on Import Export and click on Import, after that you select the storage where your backup file is. After this the contacts number will be added in your mobile.
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