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To make any image SEO friendly, use the following 6 methods –

1: Change the name of the image

Whenever you download any image for the content of your blog, then the name of that image is something like this – '
561779w99.jpg or 19554865.jepg'

This name is not SEO friendly at all. Whenever you download the image, write its name according to your image.

2: Choosing the right size for the image

Choosing the right size for your image is very important from the point of view of SEO. You can use 640X360 image size for a good SEO Friendly Image. This image size fits in every CMS. Whether it is Blogger or WordPress, you can use this image size in both.

3: Compress the size of the image

If the size of our image is more then our website will take more time to load completely, due to which the ranking of our website will be down. So always compress the size of the image. So that the ranking of our website does not go down. If you use WordPress, then you can reduce the size of all your images in one click through the SMUS plugin. If you use Blogger, then you have nothing to be disappointed. You can reduce the size of your image by using tools like Compress Jpeg, Optimizilla or Tinypng.

4 – Image Format

Always use JPG or JPEG image format for a blog image, the size of these image formats is less and the quality is also correct. On the contrary, the size of PNG image format is more which is not SEO friendly at all. The speed of the website is also reduced due to the use of PNG image. Yes, you can use PNG for the logo of the website.

5 - Use Alt Text (Alternative Text)

Whenever the search engine bots crawl our webpage, they are unable to recognize the image easily, in such a way that they read the Alt text of the image and then understand what this image is about. Then he indexes the image.If talking from the point of view of the readers, when the internet speed is low, the image is not loaded in the browser, then instead of the image, the readers will be shown Alt text. By which any reader can easily identify what this image is of.
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