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It is very easy to setup Google AMP, if you do not know about it, then it does not matter, you can setup Google AMP by following the steps given below, so let's know about it.

1: Plugin Install

First of all, install and activate the plugin on the official website of WordPress.

2: Accelerated Mobile Pages

After installing and activating AMP Plugin, you have to install another plugin named Accelerated Mobile Pages.

3: Customize AMP

When you have installed both these plugins, then you can customize these plugins according to your Google AMP pages.

4: Configure

After activating both the plugins, the option of AMP will appear in the left side of your WordPress, click on this option, you have to do all the configuration.

5: AMP General Setting

You can also put a logo in AMP Plugin Site and you can also install Google Analytical Tracking. If you want to do some other setting then do it otherwise leave it like this. After setting all the AMP, click on Save Changes.

6: AMP Advertising

You can put your Google Adsense Ads in the option of Google AMP Ads, but remember that you do not have to put Adsense Code here, inside it you only have to enter the Pub Id and Data-ad-slot Id of Adsense Account.

Where will you get the Pub ID and Data Ad Slot Id, for this, when you copy the Adsense Ad Code, then you have to paste that Ad in Notepad and look at this code well, you will get both these things in this code.

7: AMP Social

If you want to show Social Sharing Icon, then for this you will have to create an account on them like you will see Facebook Off written here, if you want to do Facebook Sharing Option On, then for this you will have to create Facebook Id here.

When the Id is created, then you can turn on Facebook Sharing Option by putting that Id in AMP Option. Along with the configuration, you have to save all the setting.

If you want to see your site whether your site has changed in AMP page or not, for this you put AMP in front of any url in your mobile, something like this: indibloghub. Com/AMP
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