July 07th, 2024

How to spam mark readers comment on a blogger blog

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Step: #1

Log in with your Google account by going to Blogger.com. Use your Gmail ID and Password to log in. And use the same account with which you signed in on Blogger.

Step: #2

After logging in to Blogger, the Blogger Dashboard will open in front of you. From here you can select your blog from Blog List with the help of Down Arrow . Meaning the blogger blog you want to update. If you have more than one blog. If you have only one blog then you can skip this step.

Step: #3

Now Blog Specific Dashboard will open in front of you, from here you click on the Comments Menu present on the left.

Step: #4

Now Comments Settings will be expanded in front of you. From here you click on Awaiting moderation.

Step: #

Now the comment you want to spam from here. First check the box next to it and mark the comment spam by clicking on the Spam button above. Your comment will go to Spam Folder. Which you can see in Spam Folder. You can also spam other comments in the same way.
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