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When Tim Berners-lee created Browser and Server Software, while making them, he made some special codes to work for these browsers and software, with the help of which special commands can be given to the browser. These tags are called Html Tags.

Know about Html Tags And Attributes…

1: Html Tag –

This is the most main tag of Html. Html document is defined by this. Creating an Html Document is started with this tag. All the rest of the Html Element's are written in the middle of this tag.

2: Doctype Tag –

This tag tells the browser how the document has been written, through which the browser also comes to know that the document has been created from Html.

3: Body Tag –

This Html Basics Tag can be used in the document only once. It is used to create the Constant Area of ​​the Web Page.

4: Heading Tag –

This tag is used to write the heading of the document. Heading tag ranges from H1 to H6.

5: Title Tag –

This tag is used to give the title of a web page. This tag is written inside the head tag. By this, the browser gets to know about what the web page is made about.

6: Paragraph Tag –

This tag is used to write a paragraph. So that you can use as many paragraphs as you want in your document.

7: Head Tag –

This HTML tag is used to create the header area of ​​the web page as well as it is used to give important information of a web page like 

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There are a number of tags basically, but we have two tags basically by their structure

1. Pair tags

where we have opening and closing tag with and

2. Single tags
where we only have one tag like

Other tags we have basically for different things like Formats for bold, italic or structure like title, head, body where we add page detail, meta and scripts
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