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Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

1 year ago
End to End Encryption in WhatsApp is used to keep the messages, images, videos, calls etc. sent by you secret, which cannot be seen and heard by any third person. Even your telecom operator cannot see your WhatsApp data.
When you send a message or data to someone online, it passes through many places where it is stored and processed. Sometimes that message is also stored on a third party platform before it reaches the recipient.

Even if that information is encrypted, it is usually encrypted only during data transfer and stored in a decrypted form by third parties. It allows third parties to scan that data and detect any wrong content in it. But it also means that the data stored by that third party can be read and misused by anyone who has access.

This increases the concerns about privacy and data security, in many cases it can be very dangerous such as government's confidential conversations, secret information, security related data, information related to business deals, etc.

To deal with all these problems, nowadays end to end encryption is used by many communication platforms like WhatsApp, whereby the encryption of the data is done by the device of the sender and the decryption is done by the device of the recipient receiving the message.