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• Growth Culture — Employees are not driven only by salary. They are often motivated by learning, growing, and challenges. Startup companies keep their employees in such a way where they can be successful, learn new skills and do things that they do not get the opportunity to do anywhere else.

• Flexible Culture - Startups believe in giving all kinds of flexibility to their employees so that the Employee can work comfortably wherever and whenever he wants to work. This increases productivity in work and it directly proves beneficial to the company itself.

• Stock Options - Startups do not just pay salaries to their employees but also make them shareholders in the company through stocks. With this, the Employee understands the company and works with full dedication and it proves to be a big contribution to the success of the company.

• Fast Paced Environment — You will generally find Fast Paced Environment in Startups. No appointment or permission needed to meet CEO here, meet him whenever you want. This makes the Decision Making Process faster and Employees can work on new projects without any interruption.

• Valuation Game - If your Startup is being successful in the true sense in the market, then you can get a line of investors and in this way the Valuation of your Startup increases and you can make very good money in less time.
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A startup can be a small idea to any product and is beneficial
- building a career
- learning new skills
- innovation
- earning

but mainly startups target problems rather than making money, so they are beneficial for community as well people career growth with money also coming.
5 months ago   1

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