July 07th, 2024

What Is the benifiets of CDN?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
All new bloggers, they do not know what is the benefit of using CDN, only they know that using CDN increases the loading speed of website or blog, so let's have more benefits today. Will tell about which will be helpful for new blogger as well as old blogger.

• To increase the loading speed of the blog

As I mentioned above that CDN is available in different places where it stores the cache file of your data, due to which the loading speed of your blog becomes fast, meaning that the user's request does not have to travel far. Due to which the content of your blog is loaded fast in the user's browser.

• in Google Ranking

Google has announced long ago that the blog whose loading speed will be fast, the same blog will be shown on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) i.e. the first page. Whenever you will check the loading speed of your blog, all loading speed checker tools recommend using CDN, which makes the loading speed of your blog faster.

• improving Website security

CDN improves the security of your blog or website through functions like DDoS Mitigation, Security Certificate etc. for the security of your blog or website, which means that it strengthens your security, due to which the chances of your blog being hacked are reduced.

• increase traffic handling

As I told that CDN's server is available in different places, due to which the people who search from where they are provided data through their nearest CDN server, which can bring a lot of traffic to your blog simultaneously that means CDN. After using your server can handle a lot of traffic.

• Reduces Bandwidth Cost

Bandwidth is the capacity of transfer of data from one place to another through wired and wireless networks. When you make a hosting purchase, you must have seen that you are provided with space as well as bandwidth, which can be limited or unlimited. Suppose if you buy 1000 MB bandwidth while taking hosting and if a user uses 1 MB bandwidth in loading the content of your blog, then in such a situation more than 1000 users will not be able to open your blog that means when If your bandwidth is exhausted then your blog will not load in any browser. And in that case, if you use CDN, then the bandwidth will be less because the request of your user will not have to travel far, due to which your bandwidth will also be less used.
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Pravesh Patel
3 years ago Selected
6 Benefits of using a CDN

1. Your reliability and response times get a huge boost
2. A CDN enables global reach
3. A CDN saves a lot of money
4. Decrease server load
5. Increase in the website user
6. DDoS protection
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