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When you write any information very hard and convey it to the people, from which they get benefit and in return you also earn some money. When someone else copying and putting the same information on their website, then the people who come to your website or blog start visiting it too. Due to which you suffer a lot.

When your blog is ranked on Google, then good traffic comes on it, but when your content is copied and posted on any other website, then Google gets confused about who is the original. Until you know that your content is copied and do not tell Google that you are the original owner of that content, then Google will not even take action on it. So your ranking can also drop and your traffic can also go.

Those who do wrong things like Plagiarism, whether intentionally or unintentionally, do wrong in a way and they should know that they can also be fined for this. Apart from this, if the tax blog is doing a good job, then it may also have to face copyright.

Whenever you write any information on your blog, after writing it, definitely check if it is not available from any website or blog.
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