July 07th, 2024

What is the features of blogger post editor

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Like all other CMS, Blogger also provides Post Editor to its users. So that they can manage their blog posts. Blogger Post Editor is quite simple and its interface is also User Friendly. And all the necessary tools are available to the users at one place.


Blog Name – The blogger blog you are currently working on. This is the name of that blog.

Post Title Box – Post Title i.e. Heading is written in this box.

User Name – The Google account you have used for Blogger.com. The name of that account appears here. On changing the name in Google account, the name also changes here.

Publish Button – When the post is ready, the post is published by clicking on this button. And as soon as it is published, the post becomes available to the readers.

Save Button – If you want to save the post by writing it and publish it later, then the post can be saved by the save button. And later you can publish the saved post at any time.

Preview Button – By this button you can see yourself before publishing the post written by you. and can improve it.

Close Button – When your post writing is over, the editor can be closed by the Close Button.

Compose Mode – This is a simple editing mode. In this you have the facility of any Word Editor.

HTML Mode – HTML Editor is started with this button. And you can write the post through HTML Coding. And can do some additional formatting.

Text Style – This button is available in the Compose Mode Editor. Through these you can make the text Bold, Italic and Strikethrough.

Add Link – If you want to add a link in the middle of the post, then you can add a link through this button.

Insert Image – Images are added to the post by this button.

Add Quotation – By this button you can add Quotation Mark to the selected text.

Post Settings – Here some additional options related to Post Settings are available. Which you can use while writing the post.

Text Box – Here post text is written.

Post Text – This is post text. Which can be anything according to you. It can contain only text. Or there can also be Images, Videos.

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