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1. Fast Browser

Mozilla Firefox has proven to be the fastest browser ever. It has even surpassed Google Chrome. Therefore, with the help of Firefox browser, you can search information on the Internet faster.

2. Easy Customization

Users can change the appearance of Firefox Browser according to their own. For this purpose, Firefox provides Themes in its Web Store. With the help of which the interface of Firefox browser can be changed.

3. Add-ons

Extensions in Firefox are known as Add-ons. There are many useful and productivity-enhancing add-ons available in the Firefox Web Store. With the help of which you can give additional features to Mozilla Firefox Browser.

4. Less memory

Firefox Browser believes that it uses about 1.5 times less memory than Chrome Browser. Due to which less RAM is used on your device. And it affects the performance of your device.

5. Password Manager

You can also manage your passwords with the help of Firefox Browser. Password Manager Feature is used in Firefox browser for this task. With the help of this tool, you can keep all your passwords secure in one place. And if needed, you can log in directly from here.

6. Sync Between Devices

By creating a Firefox Account, you can get the same experience on different devices. This facility can be availed by creating a Firefox Account.

If you are using Firefox Browser by creating an account and you are also logged in. Then all the data you searched is saved in your account. And your Browsing History, Bookmarks, Save Pages etc. are all saved in this account.
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