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graphic design

This is the most important usage in desktop publishing usage. Professional graphic designers use DTP software such as QuarkXPress, AdobePage Maker, and Adobe Photoshop to create the main pages of news papers, create web pages and other visual documents. In today's time, graphic design is reaching new heights every day due to desktop publishing.

Crafts & Personal Projects

Desktop publishing is like a boon to its users. The user can make his own projects, postcards, greeting cards, invitation cards, etc. very cheaply and easily according to his own preferences by using the DTP tools present in the personal computer and smart phone.

Importance of DTP at workplaces

Software like Page Layout and Word Processing are the choice of employers at workplaces. Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Booklets, News Letters, Business Cards, Letterhead Forms, Financial Documents, HR Documents, Invoices, Inventory Sheets, Memos, and Labels are all created with the help of DTP.

career guide

The specialty of DTP as a career guide is that word processing tools such as Microsoft Word and Open Office help in creating Resume, Cover Later and Portfolio etc. for job seekers.
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