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1. Correct Routine

In this fast-paced world of today, we are so busy in our work that we are not able to pay much attention to ourselves to avoid dust, soil and sun, due to which our hair starts falling. Therefore, whenever you go out, cover your head and mouth.

2. be overly anxious

If for some reason you are more worried or stressed towards your work, then your hair will start falling due to this too. Therefore, you should try to be as normal as possible, for this you can include daily yoga or exercise.

3. Causes of the uterus

There are many changes in women during pregnancy, such as hair fall, feeling weak, becoming fat, changes in hormones, etc. During pregnancy, a lot of hair falls in women.

4. Not taking the right diet

Nowadays most of the people like to eat fried-roasted food, but they do not know that due to this our body does not get proper amount of protein, due to which hair fall starts. Therefore, you should consume plenty of nutritious things in your diet. So that your body gets enough of all the necessary things.
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