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1: Manu Temple, Manali

Located at a distance of 1 kilometer from Mall Road, Manu Temple is situated in Old Manali on the banks of Beas River. The impression of Manu's first step on earth is present on this temple. Manu was the first man created by Brahma, and it was at this place that Manu was born seven times and died seven times.

2: Jogini Water Falls, Manali

It is a natural water fall passing through the Kullu valley to the Beas River, which is a sacred place dedicated to the Kabki goddess Jogini. Which is also considered the place of female power here, hence this place is known as Shaktipeeth. By coming here, you can enjoy the views of the plains and mountains by staying under the water falls.

3: Vashisht Temple, Manali

Situated at a distance of 6 km from Manali, this Vashisht Temple is situated on the banks of Kahavi River in Vashisht village. There is a hot water tank from where sulfur water comes out. Also, for this hot water pool, it is believed that bathing in water cures all kinds of skin diseases. There is also a Rama temple dedicated to Lord Shri Ram nearby.
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