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1: W3 Total Cache

It can also integrate content delivery network (CDN) which makes your website even more super fast. Apart from this, it also provides file minification and GZIP compression for faster loading of websites.

2: WP Super Cache

This plugin generates static HTML files from your site and when a visitor comes to the site, it serves static HTML files to the visitors instead of heavier WordPress PHP scripts. Due to which the site loads very fast in the visitor's browser. WP Super cache settings

3: WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is also a very good and popular caching plugin. Its settings are also very easy and fast. There are many options available in this which will speed up your website speed. It is available in both FREE + PREMIUM version. You can also improve the loading speed of your WordPress site by using its free version.

4: Clearfy

Clearfy is a WordPress optimization plugin and removes bloats from your site. This plugin comes with a lot of settings and optimizes and secures your WordPress website better.

this are some other best plugins to improve and increase wordpress website loading speed.

• WSmush
• EWWW image optimizer
• fast velocity minify
• Autoptimize
• WP optimize
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