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Hey Sonam,

This year google has released few updates which includes a good UI (proper menu navigation, faster loading and better website theme).

Another important factor is https in which case your website fails as its not http.

I checked and found your website spam score is 55. That's too high. 2-3% spam score is ok but 55 is too high.

It seems you have got into some bad backlinks. If possible kindly get rid of them.

I hope these once fixed gonna help your website rank + improve DA.

Rahul Gupta
12 days ago   3
Domian Authority is directly related to Backlinks..
In your case you've generated some spammy backlinks to your website and that's have negative impact on your website.
Don't worry you can get rid of those spammy backlinks just disvow them in your Search Console.
12 days ago   1
Elucidatefacts hi thanks for your revert.. I don't know much of the technicalities but whatever I read from Google I understand I have to first use sites like moz to identify, create a list of spam websites and then disavow them..

my question is which one can I get for free because there are limitations to accesss the backlinks in moz and couple of others i have checked
10 days ago   2
Hi Sonam,
Signup on
You'll get 30 days free trial period and can monitor each linked domain spam score.
7 days ago   1