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1. Cloudflare is free and easy to use

The best thing about Cloudflare CDN is that this basic version is free for the user, no subscription is required to use it. Along with this, it is also very easy to install its CDN on any website or blog.

2. Improves the security of the website

Using Cloudflare CDN adds a double layer of security to any website and blog. Cloudflare enhances the security of our website by preventing and filtering spam attacks, DoS and DDoS attacks, SQL injections, spam comments, etc.

Using Cloudflare, our IP address is hidden. So it becomes very difficult for any hackers to attack the server.

3. Improves Website Loading Speed

The speed of any website and blog affects its ranking. Even Google uses it as a ranking factor. Cloudflare improves your website load time and helps the user to stay on the site for a long time. Also, due to better speed and performance, these users can come to the website for the second time also.

4. Provides Free SSL Certificate

Google gives more importance to websites with SSL, and gives better ranks to sites with SSL. So if you use Cloudflare, there is no need to buy an SSL certificate. All you have to do is login to Cloudflare, go to the Crypto section and select the flexible SSL option. After this your site will start showing https and secure.
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