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There are mainly three things in dropshipping. Your online store, supplier and customer.

1. In dropshipping, you first create your own online store and add the photo of the product related to any category there.

2. Now people who look for things related to your product online come to your online store and buy your product if they like it.

3. Now you tell those buyers that by when the product you bought will reach them.

4. After that you tell the supplier of that product that the order for your product has come from this place. After that all the work is done by that supplier. When that supplier delivers that product to the customer, then the payment for that product will come to you.

Out of this, after the actual price of that product, you have to keep your profit margin in that product and pay the rest to that supplier.

Example: You added a shoe product to your online store and if the price of that shoe is ₹200 and you put your profit margin of ₹50 in it and when a customer buys that shoe, you keep ₹50 with you. Taxes pay the rest to the supplier.
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