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1. Adding Facebook Like Button Using Plugin

Firstly, install and activate WP Like Button plugin on your site.

After activating the plugin, it will add a new menu item “WP Like Button” to your WordPress dashboard. Just click on it. This will take you to the plugin's settings page.

First of all you have to choose where you want to display facebook like button in your blog or website and choose whether you want to show FB page liker in mobile or not.

Then, you need to enter Facebook App ID or user Admin ID (Username). After that leave the rest of the settings as default.

Apart from this, you can choose a layout, position, color, button size and language for your Facebook like button.

After making complete setting click on Save Settings button. Now you can visit your website to see the Facebook page like button.

2. Adding Facebook Like Button Without Plugin

First, go to Facebook developers website and login, then click on “Like Button Configurator” button.

You can customize Facebook button layout and size. This will show you a live preview of the Facebook button.

You can leave the URL field blank and click on the “Get Code” button when you are finished setting up.

Now a new popup will open with the code snippet.

Copy the first code snippet and paste it right after the tag in the header.php file of your WordPress theme.

Next, copy the second code snippet and paste it into the template files (single.php, archive.php, page.php) of the WordPress theme where you want the Facebook like button to appear.
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