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Go To Website

First of all you have to go to this website Autodesk.In.

Tap On Menu

Now on its home page you will see the menu button, click on it.

Tap On Drop Down Menu

This is the drop down menu. In this you have to click on Downloads.

Free Student Software

After clicking on download, click on Free Student Software. A list of all Autodesk software will appear in front of you. Click on the software you want to download.

Sign In/ Create Account

Sign in if you already have an account with Autodesk. And if not, click on Create Account.

Enter Details

Select Country – In this the country has to be selected.

Educational Role – The student has to be selected in the educational role.

Enter Date Of Birth – Now enter your date of birth and click on Next.

Enter Sign Up Details

Enter Your Name – Enter your name.

Enter Email ID – Enter Email ID.

Enter Password – Enter the password for your account.

Re- Enter Password – Enter the password again.

Agree Terms & Condition - Now agree to the terms and click on Sign Up.

Open Email ID

Now open your email ID and you will get a verification email. Open it and click on Verify option. After verifying the email, click on Sign Up.

Enter AutoCAD Details

Polytechnic Name – Enter the name of any polytechnic.

Select Options – Now select Architecture, Engineering & Construction.

Select Month – Now you have to select the Month which is going on now. And in the next box select the month after 3 years. And click on Next.

Product Page

Now you will come to your product page.

Select Product Version – You have to select the version of your product.

Windows 64 Bit - And now Windows 64 Bit has to be selected.

Select Language – Now select the language.

Serial Number/ Product Key

Now you will see Serial Number and Product Key below it, remember it or write it somewhere. Only then will the software be activated.

Tap On Install Now

Now if you scroll down the page, there will be a button of Install Now, along with that there will be a Down Arrow, click on it.
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